The Efficiency of Lead Generation in the Marketing Department Actually Causes a Deficiency in Lead Follow-Up in the Sales Department.

Efficienccy causes Deficiency


IMPORTANT STATISTIC= Based on making over 1,600,000 outbound telephone calls, to telephone qualify more than 500,000 sales leads for BtoB companies, it was determined that it requires 3.4 telephone dialing attempts to reach anyone for anything today. Source: Leads to Sales, Inc. 1986-2009

Therefore, as the number of tradeshow leads a company gets increases, so does the number of telephone dialing attempts it requires for their salespeople to follow-up. Would YOU make 850 telephone calls to try to contact 250 leads? Probably not. So how can YOU expect your Salesforce to do it?

NOTE: If you are saying that you send an e-mail in response to your leads, that’s probably not working either. Because what do you do with the e-mail that YOU get and don’t recognize? Delete! Delete! Delete!


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