Richard Erschik will be your personal education, training, and consulting resource your exhibitors can contact anytime throughout the year, leading up to your trade show.

As your annual Exhibitor Consulting Resource, he will deliver 4 informational, educational, and instructional on-line webinars to your exhibitors — and more.

3 of the webinars will be conducted before your show. 1 webinar will be conducted one-week after your show.


  • WEBINAR 1 will be conducted 9-months prior to your show.
    This webinar will cover the subject of Pre-Show promotion. It will teach your exhibitors how to use the names they already have to generate more traffic to their booth and more leads from your show. (This will also increase the overall number of attendees in your show.)
  • WEBINAR 2 will be conducted 6-months prior to your show.
    This webinar will cover the subject of During-Show booth staffing. It will teach your exhibitors a) the dos and don’ts of effective booth staffing. b) visitor complaints so they don’t duplicate their reasons. c) how to engage booth visitors and capture relevant information for effective lead follow-up.
  • WEBINAR 3 will be conducted 3-months prior to your show.
    This webinar will recap and reinforce what your exhibitors learned in Webinars 1 & 2. It will also teach your exhibitors how to implement an alternative (industry proven) lead response procedure that assures 100% lead follow-up and a positive exhibiting ROI from your show.
  • WEBINAR 4 will be conducted one-week after your show.
    This webinar will teach your exhibitors the complete details of how-to implement the lead response procedure covered in Webinar 3.


  • We will produce and provide all promotion pieces and invitations to the webinars, to maximize your exhibitors’ attendance in each webinar.
  • We will send the webinar invitations to your exhibitors.
  • We will provide the webinar delivery platform. (GoToWebinar)
  • We will manage all webinar registration and post-webinar reporting.
  • We will design and brand each webinar exclusively for your show.
  • We will record each of the webinars and provide you with a link for your exhibitors’ on-demand viewing any time – up to show time.
  • We will produce an introductory promotion, and reminder video.
  • We will “drip” informational, educational, and instructional information to your exhibitors throughout the year.
  • We will promote the availability of this Exhibiting Consulting Resource to your exhibitors, as someone they can contact throughout the year in case they have questions about things like booth layout, staffing, promotion, signage, graphics, traffic building, lead management, ROI metrics, etc.
  • All of your exhibitors will receive a FREE one-year membership in the Trade Show Exhibit Manager Academy for useful and relevant trade show information, chatting, and networking with their peers. The standard rate for annual membership is $149.00 per member. Example of benefit to you and savings for 500 exhibitors = $74,500.00 value.)

Most importantly, in this Exhibitor Consulting Resource relationship between us, your workload will be greatly reduced and your exhibitors will appreciate you for providing all of this help to them, in their best interest of helping them to exhibit successfully in your show.

Total investment for this trade show Exhibitor Consulting Resource is based on the number of exhibitors in your show. Call/Text for pricing 630-642-6500.


Richard Erschik