Exhibit managers can now Join the Trade Show Exhibit Manager Academy and get a training webinar for FREE. Or, they can schedule this “Live” MasterClass Exhibitor Tutoring Session on-line 24/7/365

For less than the cost of replacing the toner cartridges in your laser printer you can learn the best-practices of trade show exhibiting and more — on demand — on your time.

It’s a fact that very few exhibiting companies provide continuing education for their trade show managers today, who spend significant amounts of their company’s marketing budget on trade shows. After which, when asked for ROI it’s difficult for them to identify.

If you manage your company’s trade show program you should ask yourself Who in your company has time to teach you the latest exhibiting tactics? Where can you go to learn besides a distant and costly annual conference? Why you don’t take advantage of this alternative personal source of “live” education to increase your knowledge and advance your career?

If you spend your company’s money to exhibit in trade shows with little or no measurable ROI; If your booth staff is made up of your company’s sales force who mostly stand around in the booth and then disappear; If you send your leads to your sales force faster after the show, so they can do nothing with them sooner… this personal experiential tutoring session is for you.

You can schedule this live, 60-minute MasterClass in the form of a personal webinar, days/nights/weekends in your office or home, on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Entitled “Get the MOST from PRE-DURING-POST trade show exhibiting” you will learn PRE-show: How to get more visitors to your booth and consequently more leads. DURING-show: The do’s and don’ts of effective booth staffing and how to engage and qualify prospects. POST-show: A proven way to respond to your leads to assure 100% follow-up and a positive ROI.

Schedule this exclusive learning session for yourself today for a date and time that suits you. You will receive a confirmation and a link for your personal presentation. 30-days of FREE telephone support are included in case you have questions or need additional assistance implementing what you learn.

Richard Erschik has been a popular faculty member, multiple city FastTrak program presenter, Round Table moderator, and featured presenter at the EXHIBITOR Show in Las Vegas for 18-years. His instructional presentations continually receive rave reviews and are often evaluated by exhibitor attendees as “content rich,” instantly actionable,” and “best on the program.”

“I learned more from this guy in 1-hour than I did in 4-years of college and 12-years on the job.”

– Bill Wilde, Marketing Manager, MTI