Let ME teach YOUR exhibitors how to exhibit successfully in YOUR trade show and prove the ROI they so badly need.

“Get the MOST from PRE-DURING-POST trade show exhibiting” is the title of my MasterClass exhibitor training webinar that progressive trade show organizers host or sponsor for their exhibitors to assure exhibiting success in their trade show.

This all-inclusive MasterClass exhibitor training webinar begins with a segment on PRE-show promotion that teaches your exhibitors how to use the names they already have to increase their number of booth visitors. This also increases your overall trade show attendance, and ultimately generates more booth traffic and leads for your exhibitors. As additional value… If you have a supporting publication, I also show exhibitors how to use your publication to support their exhibiting efforts and effectiveness.

The DURING-show segment of my MasterClass exhibitor training webinar introduces your exhibitors to; (a) a resource for all-things-tradeshow; (b) booth visitor complaints so they don’t duplicate what causes them; (c) the do’s and don’ts of effective booth-staffing – all of which are supported by humorous dialog, situational graphics, and active learning templates that your exhibitors can put to immediate use.

Finally, the POST-show segment of my MasterClass exhibitor training webinar addresses sales lead response and follow-up. It shows your exhibitors unprecedented statistics as the reason(s) for the age-old problem of poor lead follow-up after a show. And based on my experience as a successful exhibitor and lead management service business founder, I show your exhibitors how to solve the poor lead follow-up problem with an industry proven sales lead response process that they can clone-n-own to assure 100% lead follow-up and thereby realize the ROI they need to prove the value and cost-effectiveness of exhibiting in your trade show.

NOTE: “HOSTING” includes a recording of the webinar to use up to show time. “SPONSORSHIP” includes the recording PLUS your (webinar attending) exhibitors get a FREE membership in the Trade Show Exhibit Manager Academy www.TSEMA.org for one year.

Everyone wins from this experiential MasterClass exhibitor training webinar as assurance of trade show exhibiting success.

Richard Erschik is known as “The Voice of Trade Show ROI.” He has been a popular faculty member, multiple city FastTrak program presenter, Round Table moderator, and featured presenter at the EXHIBITOR Show in Las Vegas for 18-years. His instructional presentations continually receive rave reviews and are often evaluated by exhibitor attendees as “content rich,” instantly actionable,” and “best on the planet.”

“I turned a $450,000 trade show exhibiting investment into $4.5 million in sales using the lead response and management process you taught us.”

– Pat Galligan, Waukesha Cherry-Burrell