Your Online Trade Show

The COVID-19 virus has devastated trade shows, for organizers.

But that’s not to say, exhibitors have also been devastated.

With Your Online Trade Show, you can now have your own trade show, online. And why wouldn’t you, when…

  • You can do it on-line, at far less cost than a traditional trade show.
  • You have better names of attendees in your databases than any trade show organizer could ever deliver.
  • You can have us manage your trade show for you, OR, you can have us teach you how to do it all, yourself.

Your Online Trade Show is an evolution within the popular MasterClass online exhibitor training webinar series.

Just like in a traditional trade show, but at far less cost, your…

  • Pre-show marketing, invites prospects to your show.
  • During-show presentation, identifies potential customers.
  • Post-show follow-up, produces results and maximizes ROI.

Your Online Trade Show uses a robust version of the ZOOM technology platform to replace health threatening, in-person face-to-face marketing, with an on-line face-to-face meeting that delivers similar results at far less cost. And, with NO face masks. NO social distancing, NO health risk.

With Your Online Trade Show, you only have to be a little successful to win BIG. Plus, consider what you save. There is…

  • No cost for a deposit on floor space, in a faraway venue.
  • No cost for exhibit properties purchase, rental, or storage.
  • No cost for carpet, furniture, or other rentals.
  • No cost for drayage or other traditional trade show services. And, there is
  • No cost for travel, meals, hotel, or car rental.

You get all of this, and more, from Your Online Trade Show, at less cost than running an ad in a trade publication. Maybe your strategy should be to let us do the first one for you. You can learn from it. Then do the next one yourself. Watch this brief video.

Contact us today, and enter the world of the new normal that puts buyers and sellers together.

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